Paediatric Physical Therapy

How does a Child need physiotherapy?

Optimal physical development is vital for your child’s physical and mental growth, general health and well-being.
Babies and children love moving! Children learn about themselves and their environment through movement. The ability not only to move, but to move as well as possible

My Goals:

Asimayan Nandi with Dr. Gillian Saloojee, Senior SANDTA tutorThere are numerous childhood conditions which can affect a child’s physical abilities. These conditions can be congenital (the child is born with them) or acquired, they can be severe or minor and they can be long or short term in nature. Whatever the condition it may reduce a child’s ability to move freely and well.
Poor movement may lead to poor physical development, impaired learning and a lack of self-confidence.
CDC,Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata ,India

Asimayan Nandi with Dr. Gillian Saloojee, Senior SANDTA tutorTo help children with special needs live their lives fully
Providing a healing environment and practice physiotherapy at highest possible level.
Exceeding child’s/parents expectations by providing highest quality care in a friendly and encouraging environment.
I believe working closely with child and his or her family to provide both treatment and ongoing education.
I believe in the great benefit of early intervention and in making therapy a positive experience for the child.
Normal Milestones and Worrying Signs
Identify your Child’s symptoms

Physiotherapy for Children? What’s involved?

As well as hands on treatment, advice, guidance and support is offered on how to include exercises into your child’s daily life aiming to enhance their overall well being and quality of life. Suggestions on appropriate footwear, orthotics (insoles, splints etc.), toys, home and school furniture and where necessary special needs equipment are also offered.